Blogpost 3 The Om and Singing

The OM & Singing 

From Nothing to All things via Vibration 

What’s in Your Hum? 

Bhramari or Bee breathing is the simple, yet profound, act of inhaling and exhaling with humming. The sound of the hum is…


Blogpost 2 Patterns: Our Necessary and Escapable Prisons  

Patterns: Our Necessary and Escapable Prisons                                                            June 22, 2020 

We, humans, are pattern-makers. Patterns ease the burden of living and learning. Patterns happen in the body in movement. Once a pattern of movement is repeated enough times the myelin…


Yoga/Voice INtegration

This past weekend I began Yoga Teacher Training in a quest to do a few things: 

  • 1. Dive deeper into the physical and mental/spiritual practices of yoga that have enhanced my personal health and well-being 
  • 2. Explore how the…

From Tim Gavagan "Singing Friends" review

See what Tim Gavagan, Founder of "Singing Friends" had to say about our Tribute to Natalie Cole show

January 30, 2016 

The Stacie Steinke Trio was on the mark with her Natalie Cole tribute show. Her three…