F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 2   I S S U E 6 WHOLE NOTES

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 2   I S S U E 6 Whole Notes 

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Score on the Audition! pg.2 


I like to cook. When I know what I want to eat – the flavors, ingredient elements that are calling me – then the whole process is fun. Sourcing the ingredients, planning the cooking process, making the dish, and the finally eating it. It’s all fun and part of the process to go from idea/desire to outcome. 

Performing is much the same way. You like a character or a song. Start thinking about what the character or song means to you and grow more interested in bringing it to life. You work through the melodies (Ingredients) and then give it your life/spirit and emotions. Hit rocky spots where the recipe doesn’t seem to be working right. Maybe start over. Maybe improvise something totally different.  And then you sit down to eat and voila – the idea comes to life in your mouth. Like a performance, it is all the steps along the way – your preparation that makes the difference. 

How you prepare is how you’ll perform. 

Audition Prep 

It's different than performance preparation 

They probably don’t know what you can do. Show your best and what you can offer to the production of group 

Take a chance on something that shows your range and gets you excited to perform. 

Research what they do and /or what the show calls for.  Is it low & bluesy? Rock? Light and fluffy? Comic? Lighthearted? Typical shows have a range of vocal styles they need because that's what creates the difference in characters. There's usually something for every voice type.

Pick material that showcases the best part of your range and emotional vocal style that aligns with what the show has. Find several pieces that can work in different show time periods: 1940s-1960; 19601990; 2000-today. The styles of singing and show content are markedly different in these periods, and all are produced by local theater companies.  Need ideas? 

I’m happy to help in the search for you. 

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