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The Human Voice is the most expressive and accessible of all instruments.  

How can you develop yours to share what you want to say?

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Voice Teacher - Philosophy and Background   

Every individual has a "voice" print as unique as their fingerprint. Helping students to discover the instrument within them is one of my life's passions. Whether you want to pursue a career as a musical theater performer, improve your stamina for long choral rehearsals, or expand your range and improve your tone and bring your character to life for that next audition, I will help you to understand how your voice - that amazing combination of Body, Breath & Soul - works and guide you to your goals in a healthy and positive way. 

Lessons occur at Body, Breath & Soul Vocal Studio in Saint Petersburg Florida.  Students of all ages learn a functional vocal technique that marries practices of breath and movement used in yoga with musical interpretation to guide an emotionally free voice. Our mission is to train the breath, mind, and soul of the singer for performance that communicates the meaning of any type of material. Music Lessons in Saint Petersburg FL  

Stacie earned a Masters in Music in Vocal Pedagogy from Catholic University of America with a firm foundation in Bel Canto style singing and performance. Her teachers included Sharon Christman for opera, Kathy Kessler Price for art song, and Sarah Beatty for oratorio.  Her coaches include Thomas Reilly for opera and art song, and Carol Sparrow, Marni Nixon and Edrie Means for musical theater.   

She has also received extensive training in Contemporary Commercial Music at the CCM Institute of Vocal Pedagogy at Shenandoah University, with studies in Jazz with Allison Crockett and Marcelle Gauvin. 

Stacie served as the Vocal Music Instructor at Shorecrest Preparatory School in Saint Petersburg from 2017-2022.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, lessons and workshops contain guided breath and body experiences to help the student understand how to access the full vocal potential.


Music Director - Process and Experience

Audiences need to believe in the life of each character in order to have empathy for their experience. Bringing a character to life on the stage is the job of all theater performers.  As musical director, I guide the actors to find the nuances of emotion written in the music and lyric, and share that with the audience as a singing actor. Similarly, I develop the interpretation of the instrumental accompaniment for the musicians as conductor for any show.  Music direction credits include:  Songs for a New World, The Addams Family, Legally Blonde, Sister Act , Once Upon a Mattress*, Little Women*, The  Wizard of Oz, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hairspray*, Footloose*, Anything Goes, and West Side Story. *Shows received CAPPIE award nominations.

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Stacie is radiant! Her positivity and love of music is infectious. I originally signed on to do a 4 week program with her and months later.. I’m still hooked! It’s my favorite day of the week by far. She’s poured her attention into my practice in a way that exceeded my expectations. Her studio space is bright and inviting. If you are looking for an energetic and meticulous teacher, Stacie is your gal!”

— Manuela

As a vocal coach, Stacie helped one low-voice singer access her head voice, which enabled her to expand her range of expression across many musical genres. Stacie’s knowledge, patience and resourcefulness help to put her students at ease and enable them absorb new skills and techniques successfully.”

— Krista, Theater Director

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