Voice Teacher

As a vocal coach, Stacie helped one low-voice singer access her head voice, which enabled her to expand her range of expression across many musical genres. Stacie’s knowledge, patience and resourcefulness help to put her students at ease and enable them absorb new skills and techniques successfully.”

— Krista, Theater Director

Stacie is a talented vocal artist and teacher. She gave my daughter voice lessons for three years. Stacie was responsive and professional, and she helped my daughter reach a level of proficiency that enabled her to perform in recitals and school theatre productions. My daughter loved working with Stacie!”

— Mary G.

Music Director

Stacie was the Music Director and Vocal Coach for my spring 2018 production of the musical “Sister Act” at St. Petersburg High School. Stacie was always prepared, collaborative and a positive person to work with whom the students respected. Her contributions were integral to the success of our show and I look forward to working with her again in the future as well as referring students to her for private coaching. ”

— Trish Grunz

Stacie is a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated educator. Her lessons encourage student to become self-motivated and foster a deep love of music. Stacie's own creativity and innovative thinking make her a joy to work with.”

— Sasha, Arts Chair

Stacie Steinke is not just a name, not just some fun alliteration for the tongue, but a loving mother, wife, companion, confidant, and the best choral director I have ever had in my entire life. She is docile but firm when necessary, and humble but talented beyond compare. Her prolonged experience in the theatrical and musical worlds in addition to her specialized jazz training make her more than a viable candidate in professional and educational settings.”

— VeiVei, student