Working with your Student

Congratulations! Your child loves to sing. Your home and car are his/her personal studio. 

How can you help him/her find the greatest source of fulfillment with this gift?

The voice is our first instrument and can be the easiest way to personal fulfillment and giving enjoyment to others. Developing the voice gives a young person confidence in all areas of public speaking, creates positive self-awareness and esteem, and empathy for the "character" that lies within each song, which leads to greater empathy to others. Sometimes these abilities, when fueled by healthy desire and solid work ethic, lead to competitions, solo work, and more.  The competitive life in a subjective arena like vocal music is not for everyone. I prefer to develop a "gift-sharing" attitude in my students than a competitive one. "Niente senza gioia" is an Italian expression - "nothing without joy". My desire is to ignite the joy within each student that propels them to sing in the first place and help them find the best path for sharing their gifts. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I incorporate a similar mind/body process for breath/body freedom in singing. 

I have worked with young singers in a wide variety of music education settings - from private high schools, to in-store lesson spaces, to performing arts centers, to private studio spaces. Helping them to understand why they are doing what they love to do, and how to be the best they can be is the core of my teaching practice.  This involves learning and practicing body awareness, and vocalizing exercises in addition to performance music. Students are expected to work on material between lessons as directed. Development will not come without practice.  They need to have space and time to do that.  

For more about my background, visit Body Breath and Soul page on Facebook, and read recent article in Old Northeast Journal.

Please feel free to text or call me with any questions about vocal study @ 703-485-5745.



We found Stacie on Nextdoor when my son was asked to try out for all state. She is great! She is very talented and makes it really fun. We highly recommend her!”

— Toni

I can't say enough about Stacie. She is a voice teacher, a mentor, a source of support and inspiration to her students. She is also a great resource for parents. My son was lucky enough to discover her in early 2019 and she has worked with him since then and helped him to navigate the complex process of applying to college music programs- a Godsend to this non-musician parent. His work with Stacie has helped him grow both as a musician and a person. I will be forever grateful for her work with him.” - Leslie