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 Vocal Instruction

Performance in Musical Theater, Jazz Standards and Classical music

Music Direction for performance productions

for over 25 years.

Voice Teacher

Philosophy and Background   

Every individual has a "voice" print as unique as their fingerprint. Helping students to discover the instrument within them is one of my life's passions. Whether you want to pursue a career as a musical theater performer, improve your stamina for long choral rehearsals, or expand your range and improve your tone and bring your character to life for that next audition, I will help you to understand how your voice works - that amazing combination of Body, Breath & Soul - and guide you to your goals in a healthy and positive way with exercises and repertoire. 

Sessions occur at Body Breath and Soul Vocal Studio in Saint Petersburg Florida. 


Bio and Experience

Stacie earned a Masters in Music in Vocal Pedagogy from Catholic University of America with a firm foundation in Bel Canto style singing and performance. Her teachers included Sharon Christman for opera, Kathy Kessler Price for art song, and Sarah Beatty for oratorio.  Her coaches include Thomas Reilly for opera and art song, and Carol Sparrow, Marni Nixon and Edrie Means for musical theater.   

She has also received extensive training in Contemporary Commercial Music at the CCM Institute of Vocal Pedagogy at Shenandoah University, with studies in Jazz with Allison Crockett and Marcelle Gauvin. 

As a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 HRYoga Instructor, lessons and workshops contain guided breath and body experiences to help the student understand how to access the full vocal potential.

Stacie served as the Vocal Music Teacher at Shorecrest Prepatory School in Saint Petersburg from 2017 - 2022. She regularly serves as Music Director for area productions, including mainstage shows at St. Petersburg High School, and Ghostlight Young Company.

Stacie is active in the local theater scene. Recent performances include Mrs. Potts in Tarpon Arts production of "Beauty and the Beast," and as MaryAnn in Gulfport Community Players' production of "Gilligan's Island:The Musical."  Read the reviews here


Mrs Potts

Beauty and the Beast

Tarpon Arts 

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 2   I S S U E 6 WHOLE NOTES 

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 2   I S S U E 6 Whole Notes 

Body Breath & Soul Vocal Studio Monthly Newsletter 


Score on the Audition! pg.2 


I like to cook. When I know what I want to eat – the flavors, ingredient elements that are calling me – then the whole process is fun. Sourcing the ingredients, planning the cooking process, making the dish, and the finally eating it. It’s all fun and part of the process to go from idea/desire to outcome. 

Performing is much the same way. You…

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Blogpost 3 The Om and Singing  

The OM & Singing 

From Nothing to All things via Vibration 

What’s in Your Hum? 

Bhramari or Bee breathing is the simple, yet profound, act of inhaling and exhaling with humming. The sound of the hum is produced by when changes in air pressure around the vocal folds cause them to vibrate, creating sound waves which engage with closed lips.  Voila – a buzzing sound! It’s fascinating and mind blowing to me that changes in air pressure around a vibrating material can create sound by transferring seemingly…

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Blogpost 2 Patterns: Our Necessary and Escapable Prisons   

Patterns: Our Necessary and Escapable Prisons                                                            June 22, 2020 

We, humans, are pattern-makers. Patterns ease the burden of living and learning. Patterns happen in the body in movement. Once a pattern of movement is repeated enough times the myelin that wraps the nerve cell gets wound pretty tightly. Then the action becomes a habitual or automatic reaction without the thought required to trigger the activity. And then, ahhh, we feel comfortable and…

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Yoga/Voice INtegration 

This past weekend I began Yoga Teacher Training in a quest to do a few things: 

  • 1. Dive deeper into the physical and mental/spiritual practices of yoga that have enhanced my personal health and well-being 
  • 2. Explore how the practice of yoga interacts with and compliments the process and practices of singing and teaching singing. 
  • 3. Spend deeper and richer time in the community of yoga practitioners with whom I feel a kindred spirit in our quest for wholeness 

Following each weekend of YTT…

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