Open UP & Sing/Speak ™

Yoga Fundamentals for Singers, Public Speakers, Yoga Chanters & Anyone who Uses their Voice  

Key postures & practices to deliver vocal freedom in a relaxed and fun setting. Workshops can be in-person or Virtual

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Open Up & Sing/Speak for the Professional Speaker

"As a public speaker, the Sing/Speak workshop helped reinforce the importance of breath to relax and gain confidence before approaching my audience.  The before and after videos for self check were extremely beneficial. Stacie was able to answer all the questions with her vast knowledge and command of the subject."

Sheila Stabile, President of Connection You

“The Open Up and Sing Workshop is superb! It provides effective and easy breathing techniques, yoga moves, and breathe expansion exercises that help you quickly relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress. Stacie provides invaluable insights on how the way you breathe affects your whole body and mind. This workshop is invaluable for anyone who wants to feel strong and confident when expressing themselves in both professional and personal settings."

Marianne Burtnett, Strategic Communications Consultant, Army Colonel JAG, Retired



See the difference a little yoga can make in your Singing and Speaking life.

Interactive Learning

My Body is an Instrument Get Physical with where and how breath intake and outflow facilitates easier singing;
Winning the Brain Battle From "I want to learn this piece" to performance ready - steps to prepare and practice with vocal ease

Habits of the Pre-Professional High School Singer You're a leader. Now what?

Songwriting From Ideas to song - writing music that speaks to your audience

Stacie was the Music Director and Vocal Coach for my spring 2018 production of the musical “Sister Act” at St. Petersburg High School. Stacie was always prepared, collaborative and a positive person to work with whom the students respected. Her contributions were integral to the success of our show and I look forward to working with her again in the future as well as referring students to her for private coaching. ”

— Trish Grunz